• Computerized maintenance of data with respect to Crime and Criminals.
  • Maintenance of records of Daily Arrest
  • Records of Daily Seizure
  • Preparation of Monthly Reports
  • Preparation of Quarterly Report
  • Preparation of Half Yearly Reports
  • Preparation of Annual Reports
  • Preparation of Chief Minister Budget Statements
  • Preparation of report of Accidental and Suicidal death as per format of NCRB
  • Preparation of report of Annual Crime Statistic as per format of NCRB
  • Preparation of Pay Bill, Pay Roll, Schedule and Pay Slip of all employees under Howrah Police Commissionerate.
  • Designing and development of software.
  • Maintenance of both Software and hardware of all the computers of Howrah City Police.
  • Maintenance of Mail Server and computer network.
  • Development and maintenance of Howrah City Police Website.

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