One Missing person has been handed over to his family member.

One male aged about 38 yrs was found loitering aimlessly and suspiciously at Patuapara under PS-Liluah, HPC on 13/14.02.15 night Ld. Court sent the said person to Casual Vagrancy Home, 120 Andul  Rd, Howrah. In course of interrogation, it came to learn that said person belongs to the state of Assam  and he was taking name of some area / persons in absent mind. It was assumed that he got some link at Haiborgaon, Assam. Accordingly OC, Liluah PS, HPC contacted with DGs, Control of Assam Police and they informed that there was one OP at Haiborgaon under Nagaon district. Thereafter, OC, Liluah PS, HPC contacted with S.I Chakraborty of I/C Haiborgaon T.O.P through Nagaon Dist- C.R.  S.I Chakraborty inform that one person is missing from his area in this month. Thereafter, the relatives of missing person contacted with OC, Liluah PS over phone and from description / interest in Art of missing person, it was confirmed that the missing person is actually Debajit Saikia C/O Aruna of Benachora, PS- Nagaon Sadar, O.P-Haiborgaon, Dist- Nagaon Assam. OC, Liluah PS has been sent a formal mail and SMS to his the relatives through local PS and on 16.02.15 mother and relatives of the missing person came to Liluah PS, Howrah. After observing all formalities the person was handed over to his mother.


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