Online payment disclaimer

  • Please do insert traffic case number & and payee details carefully on
  • Please double check the details before pressing the proceed button as this details will be posted to database & used for making the payment on the grips portal
  • Please do not press back button or refresh at any point of time while you are making online payment.
  • Once the payment is complete on grips portal you will be automatically redirected to the HCP website and a payment receipt will be given
  • A payment is complete only once this receipt is generated and only then your case will be marked as PAID.
  • Please must keep a printed copy of this receipt for future reference.
  • HPC is not responsible for any kind of incomplete transaction which may occur due to local issues like not following instructions properly, connectivity loss & not keeping proper receipts of payment made.
  • Pleased do not close the browser window while making online payment or before getting the payment receipt because that will break network connection.

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