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Ashok Gupta(46)
Father's Name:
Address: P-38 Vivekanandapalli, P.S. Baally, Howrah and 11no Ghusuri Rd. P-38 Vivekanandapalli, P.S. Baally,
Criminal Type:
Date of Arrest:
Arrested By:
Present whereabouts:
Political Affiliation:
Political Protector:
Present Activity: Active
Name of the Associates: (i) Dinesh Gupta, (ii) Akhilesh Singh @ Netaji, (iii) MunnaYadav.
Brief History:

Case Connections: M.P. Ghora P.S Case No- 370/12 dt. 11/10/12 u/s 302/34/120B IPC & 25/27/ Arms Act

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