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Babu Singh
Father's Name: Laxman Singh
Criminal Type: Noted Extortionist ( Gang Leader )
Date of Arrest:
Arrested By:
Present whereabouts:
Political Affiliation:
Political Protector:
Present Activity:
Name of the Associates: Bapi Singh, Jadu Makal, Booa, Chandan Kundu , Bhola, Chattu, Babu Singh (Brother of Bapi), Sagar Singh
Brief History:

He is one of the oldest and trusted associate of Ramua. Basically he used to collect the extortion money in respect of Ramua from the Promoters as well as big Businessmen specially at South Howrah areas. He is very cleaver in nature. He used to reach the extortion money to Ramua at Jail

Case Connections: Jagacha P.S. Case No. 53/07 dt. 2/4/07 u/s 302/34 IPC and 25/27 Arms Act.

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