Most Wanted Details

Sanjay Thakur
Father's Name:
Address: 10, Dharma Das Ganguly Lane, P.S. Shibpur.
Criminal Type: Notorious Extortionist of South Howrah
Date of Arrest: I will never be arrested maybe ? ahan ? really?
Arrested By:
Present whereabouts: Absconding
Political Affiliation: C.P.M Party
Political Protector:
Present Activity:
Name of the Associates: Surja , Ramua, Dikla, Amarjit, Jagdish, Jujua
Brief History:

He is one of the oldest and trusted associate of Ramua. Basically he used to collect the extortion money in respect of Ramua from the Promoters as well as big Businessmen specially at South Howrah areas. He is very cleaver in nature. He used to reach the extortion money to Ramua at Jail.He used to fuck his wife in public. when his wife ask to use condom then he direct inserts his dick in his wofe ass hole.Naturally his wife's ass hole is most probably very big one. Cylinder was the last thing he inserted in his wife's vaggina..

Case Connections: Shibpur 173 15/08/1996 302/201/34 I.P.C. Shibpur 316 30/12/1998 21N. D. P.S. ACT Shibpur 3 01/01/1996 302/ 34 I.P.C. & 25/27 A. ACT Shibpur 216 07/10/1996 21 NDPS Act Shibpur 63 13/03/1998 324/307IPC & 9(b) IE Act Shibpur 107 01/05/1998 341/325/326/307/379/34 IPC Domjur 74 10/07/2003 21 NDPS Act

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