Advisory For Citizen Detail

For Pedestrians

1. Use supervised or controlled crossing points such as pedestrian crossings and traffic lights, wherever possible

2. At pedestrian crossings, wait until all traffic has stopped before crossing the road. It’s a good idea to make eye contact with the car drivers before you step off the pavement

3. If there is no formal crossing point, make sure you cross away from buses, parked cars and corners so that motorists can easily see you

4. Keep one step back from the kerb before you cross

5. Look and listen for traffic in all directions. If there is traffic coming, wait until it has passed. Look and listen for traffic again. When there is no traffic coming walk quickly straight across the road, looking each way for traffic.

6. Always alert accident avert.

7. Be alert while responding to queries by covering the wind screen. The person may be a snatcher & may have targeted your cell phone / purse.

8. Be alert when you are crossing the road with kids. Kids can run removing your and along road while traffic light is on.


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