Advisory For Citizen Detail

General Guidelines

 All citizens are requested report any suspicious activities or suspicious baggage/article on toll free no. 100 to Howrah City Police Control Room. Your identity will be kept secret.


• Stay alert.
• Don’t make yourself a “Soft Target.”
• Walk purposefully, stand tall, and make eye contact with people around you.
• Do not think that it cannot happen to you.
• Always be aware of your surroundings.
• If being followed or stalked, call 100 or drive directly to a police station.

A. Don’ts

1. Do not touch any unclaimed, abandoned, suspicious object till arrival of Police.
2. Do not panic, on getting any information or receiving telephone calls regarding any subversive activities and extend necessary assistance to Police.
3. Do not crowd the place if any suspicious object has been found. Please co-operate with police and clear the area as soon as possible.
4. Do not unnecessarily loiter in public places and co-operate with authorities.
5. Do not leave your personal baggage or leave your vehicle / two wheeler/ bicycle unattended at any place for long.
6. Do not be a guaranter to loan unless you know and trust the persons.
7. DO not sign as an identifier, if you do not know a person well.

B. Do’s

1. Please inform about suspicious activity, if any, that comes to your notice to local Police Station or Howrah City Police Control Room on toll free no. 100. Your identity will not be disclosed.
2. Please inform about any unclaimed, abandoned or suspicious articles lying in your locality on toll free no. 100.
3. Please inform if you find any unclaimed vehicle, two-wheeler or any bi-cycle parked in your locality for long time.
4. Please help in maintaining peace by not believing in rumours.
5. Buy cell phone sets/articles from authenticated source / sellers. Buying these articles cheaper from unknown source can land you in trouble as the articles could be stolen property.


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