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Safety Tips to Prevent Home Theft

1. Keep valuables outside the bedroom: A burglar on the hunt for valuables in a home will make the master bedroom their first stop—since that’s where the cash and jewelry are most commonly stored. So if you do keep such valuables on your property, find another room to store them. “I don’t keep anything in my bedroom,” Houseworth says. “And I don’t have much—deliberately—of great value of the small items [that] are the ones burglars like to steal [stored in my home].”

2. Radio running: Noise helps prevent burglaries as well. Houseworth leaves his radio on all day so that would-be burglars think that someone is at home. “Your home is more likely to be burglarized during the day because they think that nobody is home,” he says.

3. Free police inventory: Homeowners should be sure to remember the basics of home-theft prevention: keeping windows and doors locked at all times. For homeowners looking to go a step further, Houseworth suggests contacting the local police department and having an officer stop by the house for a safety checkup. “I don’t know of any police department that if you call them and ask them to do an inventory of your home to help harden it, they won’t come out free and give you advice on how to improve your home,” Houseworth says.

4. Fill up and deposit maid servant/ driver information form (alongwith photograph) to the Police Station. This will act as a big deterrent as these are the people who often give tips to criminals.

5. Install CCTV with recording facility at entrance and corridors.

6. Keep an electric bulb ‘ON’ when not at home.

7. Dial 100 if you notice anything suspicious.

8. Use safety chains while opening doors for the strangers. Use key holes to ascertain the identity of the visitor.

9. Keep watch on casual visitors like plumbers, auto/ rickshaw drivers, salesman and be careful not to divulge important information.

10. Do not keep excessive liquid cash / jewellery at home. Use bank / lockers for deposits.


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