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Advisory for Citizen

Advisory for Citizen : Howrah Police

For Hotels/Guest houses

  • Insist on identification documents and contact number before booking a room for the guest. 
  • Install CCTV cameras and report about suspicious guest to the police.
  • Keep all the fire fighting equipments/arrangements which are very much essential from the fire safety point of view.
  • Deploy adequate no. of private security guard.

For Landlords, Property Dealers, Car Dealer or Guest House Owners

  • Do not let your premises without satisfying yourself about the antecedents of the tenant. 
  • Insist on identification documents before booking a room for the guest. Install CCTV cameras and report about suspicious guest to the police. 
  • Satisfy yourself about the antecedents of both parties, particularly the buyer before finalizing the deal and insist on identification documents, photocopies of which should be retained. 

For Motor Cycle Riders

  • Don’t be a hell mate, use Helmet
  • Avoid triple riding, two-wheelers for two only.
  • Avoid cell phone while driving.
  • Avoid High Speeds. 
  • Drive to care not to dare.
  • Obey traffic signals.
  • Keep the papers of the vehicle with you.

For Pedestrians

  • Use supervised or controlled crossing points such as pedestrian crossings and traffic lights, wherever possible
  • At pedestrian crossings, wait until all traffic has stopped before crossing the road. It’s a good idea to make eye contact with the car drivers before you step off the pavement
  • If there is no formal crossing point, make sure you cross away from buses, parked cars and corners so that motorists can easily see you
  • Keep one step back from the kerb before you cross
  • Look and listen for traffic in all directions. If there is traffic coming, wait until it has passed. Look and listen for traffic again. When there is no traffic coming walk quickly straight across the road, looking each way for traffic.
  • Always alert accident avert. 
  • Be alert while responding to queries by covering the wind screen. The person may be a snatcher & may have targeted your cell phone / purse.
  • Be alert when you are crossing the road with kids. Kids can run removing your and along road while traffic light is on.

For Principal/Head of the educational Institutions

  • Adequate number of security guards in the school.
  • Each student and staff member must wear an identity card (giving his name, parent/guardian’s name, address, class, phone no. and blood group and other details).
  • Each student must be told to memorise the phone no. of his parents/guardians.
  • There should be a public address system in each school.
  • There should be proper fire fighting measures like extinguishers, smoke alarms etc with standing instructions and training to staff/students as to their operation.
  • CCTV with recording facility at the entrance / parking area.
  • Report eve-teasing / harassment and drug abuse to nearest PS / Police Control room by dialling 100. 
  • To educate the students about traffic rules.  

For Rickshaw Pullers, Auto, Bus, Car and Taxi drivers

  • Check your vehicle before you take it on road like air in tyre, break oil, gear oil etc.
  • Obey traffic signal and control you speed at all the road-crossing, bus-stop area, schools and hospital area.
  • Check thoroughly your taxi/auto/rickshaw/bus etc, including undercarriage and ensure that the passenger do not leave any bag or article.
  • Remain alert and vigilant about surroundings especially where your vehicle or rickshaw is parked.
  • Maintain your vehicle and keep it properly tuned to ensure safety and reduce pollution.

For Telephone Booths/Cyber Cafes

  • Erect firewalls and take technical measures to ensure cyber safety.
  • Order issued by Commissioner of Police, Howrah should be strictly followed.

For Vendors

  • Be watchful and report any suspicious activity around you.
  • Make sure no customer leaves his belongings behind.
  • Keep an eye on suspicious looking customers.

Tips For Children

  • Do not give out identifying information such as name, home address, school name or telephone number in a chat room.
  • Do not send your photograph to any one on the Net without initially checking with the parent or guardian.
  • Do not respond to messages or bulletin board items that are obscene, belligerent or threatening.
  • Never arrange a face to face meeting without informing your parent or guardian.
  • Remember that people online may not be who they seem to be .
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