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Arms Licence Related Forms

Arms Licence Related Forms : Howrah Police


Forms Available

  • Form A-1 (for individuals) applicant Form of application for an arms licence in Form II, III and IV.
  • FORM A-2 (for companies) Form of application for an arms licence in Form II, III, and IV.
  • FORM A-3 (for individual)  Form of application for renewal of Arms License(s) granted in Form II, III & IV.
  • FORM A - 4 (for companies) Form of application for renewal of licence(s) granted in Form II,III,IV.
  • FORM A – 11 Form of application for journey licence in Form XI for carrying of arms and ammunition.
  • FORM A -14 Form of application for a licence in Form XV for firearm free zone.
  • Form B-1 Application for registration with an outside licensing authority.
  • Form – B2 Application for allied services related to licences issued in Form II, III and IV.
  • Form B-3 Application for addition / deletion of retainer.
  • Form S-2 Standard format of undertaking for safe storage of firearms.
  • Form S-3 Standard format of medical certificate.

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